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Colleen Campo

MEET Colleen 

Colleen Campo, MA, LMHC

What better way to assist families with their overall health and wellness at WMP then to have our own on-site parenting consultant.  Colleen Campo is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in the difficult but amazing transition into motherhood.  Colleen has spent the past 16 years supporting New York City families with the changes that accompany pregnancy and beyond.  She has an expertise in screening and treating postpartum depression and anxiety, adding to the supportive and thorough care provided at WMP.  Colleen is the mother of 7 year old twins and understands first hand the challenges that accompany woman in creating a work-life balance, a satisfying marriage and the demanding yet rewarding role of motherhood.     

Colleen currently runs our dynamic Washington Market Moms groups.  She developed this customized group by combining years of private practice experience in this specialty area with her participation as group leader to the well-known new mothers circle group at Soho Parenting.

Colleen is on-site at WMP weekly, running groups and seeing private clients by appointment.  She is available for individual counseling, couples counseling, as well as short-term consultation on relationship and parenting issues.  Please consider her services an accessible and helpful addition to your wellness plan as parents of WMP.  Appointments are made directly through Colleen to allow for timely and confidential support:

Washington Market Moms: a Group for New Moms

This group is offered to the patients of WMP first but open to other moms in the community as a way to provide accessible support during this time in life.  It is just the group you need to help support your development as a new mom while connecting with other moms in your neighborhood.  What makes WMM unique is its intimate nature and comforting environment.  Developmental milestones and issues regarding your baby are discussed, keeping in mind that you are the best provider of care for your child.  Focusing on personal and career identity during this transition enhances your ability to be the mom you want to be.  Sharing your experience with other group members allows for collaborative support which models a team effort to family health.  Led by our in-house parenting expert Colleen Campo, MA LMHC.   

Washington Market Moms - Take 2:  a Group for 2nd Time Moms

With the same unique dynamic as WMM, this group is for our moms having their second child.  The content revolves around the growing family dynamic and what it takes to manage this transition.  Now that you have developed yourself and found more confidence as a mother, other aspects of your life come into focus. With so many moving pieces, this group makes for lively discussion topics.  All of this while enduring another round of sleep deprivation!  Join in and lean on other moms like you while also getting the expertise and support of our group leader Colleen Campo to see you through this important time.